These customers made a solid commitment to the area standard of training, wages and economic conditions here in Cook County and received the highest level of electrical installation that can be achieved. They got to witness firsthand the VALUE, Excellence, Skill, Discipline, Attitude, Respect, Determination, Pride, Commitment, Loyalty, Customer Satisfaction and Accountability of IBEW Local 134.

Do Not Patronize

Our labor organization is committed to the area standard wages, electrical installation and meeting the economic conditions here in Cook County. If people do not make a decent living, benefits for their family and are not properly trained, this ultimately affects merchants, professionals and every family in the community. Experience has proven that when the wages and living standards of one group are under attack, EVERYONE'S wages and living standards are open to attack! Please resist their efforts to undermine the wages, working conditions, benefits and training of Cook County’s skilled craftsman. These establishments have decided NOT to use the members and contractors of IBEW Local 134 for their electrical needs. Please, reference this page when determining if YOU, your family and your friends want to patronize these places. Any business can be added to or removed from this list at any time.

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